Eat Healthy for Less

Eat Healthy for Less

Eat Healthy for Less was a 2013 hackathon prototype of a meal planning app designed to help you save money on groceries while achieving your nutrition goals.

What can Eat Healthy for Less do for me?

Eat Healthy for Less will ask you a few questions about your goals and then zip you straight to a week's worth of dinner recipes and a shopping list with the groceries you need to make them. Ready to shop in 60 seconds!

About Us

The Eating Healthy for Less hackathon team

The Eat Healthy for Less project was just a crazy idea on the morning of Saturday June 1, but a pickup team of developers at the Google Hack for Change 2013 hackathon turned it into a winning app in just 48 hours!

Meet the team:

We'd like to thank the Google Hack for Change organizers for putting on a great event!